Sliding metal-plastic windows - Photo 1

Sliding metal-plastic windows

In addition to performing the usual functions sliding windows save space and are also perfect for the implementation of brave design solutions. Such windows are well protected from cold and moisture, and also have good sound insulation. Sliding windows fit organically into the design of balconies and loggias, terraces, as well as creative spaces and offices, restaurants and beauty salons. A wide palette of lamination colours will elegantly combine sliding windows with the facade of the house.

Sliding metal-plastic windows - Photo 2
Types of Viknar’off sliding windows
  • SWS Sliding systems – three-chamber window constructions that expand the living space. They allow to achieve remarkable energy efficiency, because it is possible to establish an energy saving double-glazed unit inside.

  • PSK Parallel-sliding systems – the sash is opened by tilting and subsequent sliding aside. This design saves space, so it is often the best option for glazing of small openings.

  • Lift and slide systems (HST) – large constructions that transmit a lot of light. Such windows are opened according to the working principle of sliding wardrobe. These are panoramic windows on the whole wall, windows for the terrace or winter garden.

Which profile system to choose?

  • Viknar'off HST Portal
    Viknar'off HST Portal ID:12441
    • Type of opening
      Lift and slide doors
    • uPVC Profile system
      Gealan S9000
    • Hardware
      Siegenia Portal HS 400 (Germany)
    • Threshold
      Siegenia ECO PASS (5 mm heigh above the floor level)
    • Seal colour
      Black, 3 contours
    • Mounting depth
      190 mm
    • Thermal insulation
      up to 1,2 m2 C/W
  • PSK sliding system
    PSK sliding system ID:11986
    • Type of opening
      Tilt and slide doors
    • uPVC Profile system
      Gealan S9000 (Germany)
    • Hardware
      Siegenia PSK 200 Z (Germany)
    • Mounting depth
      82,5 mm
    • Chamber quantity
    • Thermal insulation
      1,07 m2 °С/W
    • Anti-burglary class
      up to 48 mm
  • SWS Sliding System
    SWS Sliding System ID:11990
    • Thermal insulation
      1,56 W/m2K
    • Building depth
      60-80 mm
    • Quantity of chambers
    • Glazing
      18 мм
    • Standard decorative veneering
      • Golden oak
        Golden oak
        Golden oak
      • Gray anthracite R
        Gray anthracite R
        Gray anthracite R
      • Mahogany