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Terrace windows

One of the functions of terrace windows is to elegantly combine the massive facade of the house and the light construction of the terrace or veranda, so a wide palette of Viknar’off colours will be helpful. Full-wall windows or sliding systems create a sense of space, but seem cold and unsuitable for the Ukrainian climate. However their thermal insulation capacity should not be underestimated. Modern window systems allow not only to receive a lot of light, but also to save a lot of heat thanks to profile design features.

Terrace windows - Photo 2
Top 5 reasons to choose Viknar’off windows for terrace
  • Large size for a beautiful view. Strong profile, steel reinforcement, reliable fittings and large  glass size allow Viknar’off to produce windows 6m wide and 2.8 m high. The maximum size is achieved due to the unique function of dry pasting of a double-glazed unit in the STV sash which is presented in Gealan profiles.

  • Parallel-sliding constructions that connects space of your room. Our windows are extremely easy to use – and despite the large size are easy enough to open or close even for a child.

  • Uncompromising security. Large windows for terrace may appear to be a weak point of the house, but strong reinforcement, reliable fittings with protection against burglary will safeguard you from uninvited guests.

  • Protection from cold and heat – a key function of the terrace windows. Viknar’off sliding systems provide reliable protection against the cold, dust and noise from the street. And with multifunctional Solar glass you will be protected from the excessive heat and spendings on air conditioning.

  • No barriers from Viknar’off. Thanks to the special Siegenia Barrier Frei threshold, there are no obstacles to movement, and excess moisture and dirt will not get into the room. For maximum comfort, we recommend installing a parallel sliding system with a drainage system.

Which profile system to choose?

  • Viknar'off HST Portal
    Viknar'off HST Portal ID:12441
    • Type of opening
      Lift and slide doors
    • uPVC Profile system
      Gealan S9000
    • Hardware
      Siegenia Portal HS 400 (Germany)
    • Threshold
      Siegenia ECO PASS (5 mm heigh above the floor level)
    • Seal colour
      Black, 3 contours
    • Mounting depth
      190 mm
    • Thermal insulation
      up to 1,2 m2 C/W
  • PSK sliding system
    PSK sliding system ID:11986
    • Type of opening
      Tilt and slide doors
    • uPVC Profile system
      Gealan S9000 (Germany)
    • Hardware
      Siegenia PSK 200 Z (Germany)
    • Mounting depth
      82,5 mm
    • Chamber quantity
    • Thermal insulation
      1,07 m2 °С/W
    • Anti-burglary class
      up to 48 mm
  • SWS Sliding System
    SWS Sliding System ID:11990
    • Thermal insulation
      1,56 W/m2K
    • Building depth
      60-80 mm
    • Quantity of chambers
    • Glazing
      18 мм
    • Standard decorative veneering
      • Golden oak
        Golden oak
        Golden oak
      • Gray anthracite R
        Gray anthracite R
        Gray anthracite R
      • Mahogany