Viknar’off ™ Best 2016

07 Dec 2016
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In spite of all the difficulties and disadvantages of the past year, Viknar’off ™ keeps confidently moving forward, developing, growing and making plans for the future.

However, before setting goals for the new year, the passing one should be summarized and conclusions should be drawn. Therefore, a key event for all Viknar’off ™ dealers and partners took place as a kind of landmark of 2016. This is the event summing up the entire year’s work, the event that honors the best, the event that invigorates and provides inspiration for even better and more diligent work the following year, the event that the whole Viknar’off ™  team put their hearts into every year so that everyone who works with us believed that we are the best and won’t let them down. This annual celebration called “Viknar’off ™ Best” has become our special tradition that gathers together all our friends, partners, dealers and clients who have already become a big close-knit family and lets them share their achievements of the past year and plans for the new one in the warm homely atmosphere.

So, summing up 2016 we:

  • acknowledge and award 50 company leaders. 50 best Viknar’off ™ dealers received the well-deserved awards in various prestigious nominations along with Rozetka online shop gift certificates for their hard work and dedication.
  • Respect our supplier-partners.

Virtually all our partners, both Ukrainian and foreign who had been fruitfully cooperating with us and walking side by side in our work for many years, had an opportunity to honor and reward the top sellers of their produce among our dealers, as well as share their impressions and emotions with Viknar’off ™ director – Volodymyr Blikhar.

  • Expand our sales geography.

Viknar’off ™ has been engaged in foreign economic activity for several years now. We export structures of our own make to Italy, Germany, Poland and other countries. Our friends from Germany who successfully cooperate with Viknar’off ™ attended the celebration. The foreign guests gladly  came to the stage and were excited to try on the Ukrainian embroidered shirts that they had received as presents. This was a perfect sign of their respect not only for our company, but for all of Ukraine.

  • Develop our business.

The main intrigue, surprise and euphoria of the celebration was the drawing of a car. Actually, it was not a regular car, but a kind of an office on wheels. It will surely make a successful business-project for its new owners and bring them profitand development thanks to being equipped with everything necessary for effective selling of our constructions. The winner of the promo “Buy a Window – Win a Car”, drawn by the lucky hand of a famous singer Olha Polyakova was a Viknar’off ™ dealer from Zalishchyky, Ternopil region.

Viknar’off ™ is grateful to everyone who works with us, everyone who trusts us, everyone who connects their future with us. Hopefully, the following year will bring us only good news. We wish rapid development to all our partners and growing profit to our dealers. Thank you for being with us!

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