Viknar’off ™ is Leader of Industry Now

28 Dec 2016
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One of the key goals of our company is to never cease developing, attain the unattainable and always soar to new heights. We understand that only when we constantly and thoroughly refine our work do we provide our customers with the quality product that will serve them for several decades; we provide our employees with secure well paid jobs; we give our partners the confidence in their business through cooperation with us.

Recently, Viknar’off ™ has received an important award, the award which proves that the whole Viknar’off ™ team works with good reason. This is why we have been chosen the “Leader of Industry 2016” based on the analysis of the financial and economic indicators carried out by the Union of National Business Ratings.

Leader of Industry – this phrase speaks for itself. The award of this level is given to the companies for their significant contribution into the development of the industry they belong to and the development of Ukraine as a whole. The companies which receive this award work on the basis of adherence to high standards of social protection of employees, implement the latest advanced technologies in their production and work hard to create the image of Ukraine as an economically developed European state.

We are grateful for the trust you put into Viknar’off ™ and give our word to continue to work for the quality of our products, work for the comfort in your homes, work for the future.