Yearly Report on “Caring for the Future” Project

16 Dec 2016
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The year 2016 has come to an end. It brought us many emotions, positive and not so positive. It has offered numerous opportunities, some of which we have caught, and some haven’t. It was full of victories and failures, ups and downs, new plans, new dreams, new acquaintances. For Viknar’off ™ , 2016 was the year dedicated to work with children and youth, various sport, music and wellness projects. We spent 2016 with the motto “Caring for the future”, and now, summarizing the year that has passed, we would like to share with you the results of our work.

There are so many children in Ukraine who are incredibly gifted, who strive for development and dream to outgrow and outdo their celebrity icons. We bring up little Klychkos and Usyks, Shevchenkos and Iarmolenkos who, thanks to their aspirations and presented opportunities will surely excel in their spheres. However, this will be true in the future only if we help, motivate and develop our children in the present.

Viknar’off ™ top managers are convinced that children are our future, and therefore, our company is actively participating in organizing contests, relay races, marathons, competitions etc which in this or that way let children and youth discover and show their talents.

This is why in 2016 our company funded the children’s boxing competition which was an excellent opportunity for boys to demonstrate their strength, exactness of cut and endurance. We also supported the  arena football junior team of Ternopil children and youth sport school, who repeatedly proved that our faith in them was not for nothing.







Another event willingly supported by Viknar’off ™ in the role of its prime sponsor, was sport dance contest “Ternopil Grande Cup 2016” with over 1000 participants from all over Ukraine. The dancers, the youngest of whom were just 4 years old, impressed the spectators with their talents and were confidently competing for the victory.

At the end of the year, Kyiv hosted another grand event, actively supported by Viknar’off ™ – a competitive ballroom dancing festival “Star Festival Awards 2016”. The festival was held at the high European level. There were World champions among the guests, and the contest was judged by the jury of world-famous dancing celebrities.

On March, 31st, Viknar’off ™ sponsored an event that caused a stir in Ternopil – the Viennese Ball.  Slow waltz, Viennese waltz, polonaise and many other dances were a true delight for the eyes of the spectators and judges. The ball featured a spectacular show program, a famous orchestra, prizes and giveaways, as well as announcing the King and the Queen of the ball. It was a great event that let Ternopil citizens feel the best traditions of the previous centuries.









At the beginning of March, a beauty contest “Miss Ternopil 2016” was held. Thanks to Viknar’off ™ support, the most beautiful Ternopil girls could show their beauty, and compete in numerous contests in the course of this event.

In 2016, Viknar’off ™ also sponsored a young and promising FC “Ternopil” football team . The team makes its fans happy by the successful matches and good goals. In our turn, we help its players to stay in a good shape.

In order to help Viknar’off ™ employees be in good shape too, we created our own football team, which has already surprised us with its victories in the business league. The players demonstrate an awesоme team work and prove that they are the best at every given opportunity.

We are always happy to assist in preserving Ukrainian traditions. Therefore, Viknar’off ™ helped to organize the Ukrainian cossack martial arts championship which welcomed the participants from 20 regions of Ukraine.

And, of course, one of the most large-scale event of the year was “Faine Misto” festival, which is traditionally held in summer in Ternopil. This year, Viknar’off ™ was a prime sponsor of this fest which gathered thousands of modern music fans from all over Ukraine. Viknar’off UFO Stage attracted spectators like a magnet, presenting the sea of emotions and sensations.

We hope that each year, “Faine Misto” will exhilarate not only the citizens of Ternopil, but also all Ukrainians who look forward to the festival.

Unfortunately, the joys of dancing or playing football are unknown to some of us. There are kids with special needs who require our attention, love and warmth. In Ternopil, the “Childcare Center for Children with Down Syndrome” Bebiko was established. Its key tasks are support, protection and assistance for each member of this organization, who amount to 60 at present. Viknar’off ™ fully recognizes the importance of this undertaking and had been providing financial support for “Bebiko” during the year.

As a famous proverb goes,  “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Viknar’off ™ in every way strives to help the estimable people who bring to life worthy projects that motivate and spur development and self improvement.

We believe that the year 2017 will be even better, and bring still more great events. We promise to keep on actively participating, assisting and helping those who really require it. Thank you for your trust in us!


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