Hardware is set of devices (handles, hinges, fasteners etc.) that are installed into the window sash, enabling effortless window opening and closing. Implementation of modern window hardware that controls the window is the result of the development of the whole new industry. The quality of window hardware is of primary importance for the durability of the reinforced-plastic window and the level of protection against outer impacts. Our company uses high quality window hardware from Siegenia concern – Aubi, Romb.

Siegenia-Aubi hardware is manufactured only in Germany, unlike other systems and is known for its truly German quality. Its modern “FAVORIT Si – line” window hardware system ensures not only effortless opening and closing, but also window security and reliability. It features maximum corrosion resistance thanks to the titanium-silver coating, which considerably increases hardware durability and protects it where regular bichromated coating would be helpless. Siegenia – Aubi hardware lets control the uniformity of window sash pressure against the frame around the perimeter for better heat- and sound insulation.

 Its key advantages are: wide possibilities, convenience, reliability, high degree of corrosion resistance.

 Sliding door hardware

 Siegenia – Aubi “Portal” system is a sliding construction consisting of two or more sashes. The sliding sash is located parallel to the fixed sash or a wall, saving the space for opening. There’s also a night vent mode functionality.

 Rooms with sliding “portal” systems provide fantastic panoramic view, lots of light, excellent ventilation and freedom of movement. Sliding doors are perfect for limited opening space as well as terraces, verandas, protruding and recessed balconies,.

The use of Siegenia-Aubi PSK series hardware ensures smooth running, so that a 200 kg sash can be easily operated even by a child.

The hardware also protects against the break-ins thanks to the company patented comfort mushrooms. They are located throughout the sash and fit into the steel bar made of a special alloy. This ensures exceptional sealing perimeter-wise, maximum thermal insulation and a high degree of antiburglar protection.

System advantages:

  • All-round seal for exceptional sealing capabilities
  • Tilt ventilation  mode
  • Easy operation
  • All hardware functionality is ensured by a single handle on the sliding sash.

Siegenia-Aubi PSK hardware is corrosion resistant thanks to the titanium-silver coating,making it look more attractive, too.