To properly use the window constructions it is necessary to take care of the window aperture furnishing. This is about installing window ledges and overhangs. Absence of these elements means that the window installation isn’t complete.
The ledge is necessary to protect the installation junction under the window. This point is subject to moisture, which can destroy the wall and thus affect window heat insulation capabilities. Therefore, without a ledge the part of wall under the window will soon fall into disrepair. The ledges are installed on the outer side of the window and are meant for rain and meltwater drainage. There is also an alternative of a window ledge  – an overhang installed in the outside upper part of the glazing. It provides protection from precipitation in the similar way.

Standard Viknar’off window ledges consist of a polymer coated galvanized steel leaf. They are rapid temperature changes, fade and external impacts resistant and cost less than the aluminum variants.

Ledges and overhangs are manufactured from leaf stock material on the special Tapco workbench. The thickness of galvanized steel used is 0,45 mm. The length of the abovementioned workbench working parts lets produce one-piece ledges and overhangs of 4400 mm maximum length.

The available colors are Classic white, brown and Golden oak – for wood imitating laminated constructions.