Muntin bars, are decorative elements inside the insulated glass unit. They form a pattern, making the window look more attractive. We use aluminum muntins in our windows, installing them between the glass with special connectors so that they make up the necessary design. They can be applied to both 1- and 2-chamber glass units provided that the space between the glass panes is no less than 12-18mm.

We offer muntin bars in white, golden and brown colour.

The default muntin bar width enables their easy bending at various angles. There is a wide selection of shapes available: straight, circular, arch-shaped etc. Straight muntins can be cornered, forming various figures and thus dividing the glass unit symmetrically or asymmetrically. However, you should know that muntins increase the cost of a window and reduce its thermal insulation value, since they become additional heat conductors. It is proved by some condensation water, sometimes appearing on the glass surface next to the muntin bars. On average, the use of muntins increases window heat transmission value by 10-15%.

Nevertheless, muntin decorated windows are quite popular nowadays, since they add elegance to the window and compliment the styling of home interior and exterior. So, deciding on whether to decorate a window with muntin bars is up only to the architect or the house/apartment owner.

Muntin patterns suggestions