Insect screen is the construction made of lightweight aluminum profile with the fiberglass mesh stretched on it. Insect screens can be used both for doors and windows. Their major purpose is keeping out insects, fur and everything else that can get inside from the street.

Viknar’off offers framed fly screens that are easy to install/uninstall and to care for, feature long service life and great protective properties. The screen is fitted to a window using special hooks. The grey colour of the fiberglass mesh makes it is virtually invisible in any light. Thanks to the quality coating, the aluminum frame is resistant to outer impacts – it will not fade or sallow with time.Screen maintenance is easy – it’s enough to deinstall it in winter and in windy weather and to wash with warm water once in a while.

The insect screen mesh size is selected to provide reliable protection against insects on the one hand and make it nearly invisible on the other hand. The screen allows for ventilation, while keeping out the insects and dust.

The frame is available in the following colours: White, Brown and Golden oak.


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