Door hardware consists of additional elements which are indispensable for the proper door operation. It includes door handles, closers, locks, hinges etc.

Door handles

Pull door handles are usually installed on office or storefront doors. They are made of hot-pressed aluminum alloy and are fixed easily, but securely to the door leaf thanks to the specifically designed plate fitting. Pull handles have polymeric powder coating, which means long service life. Available in white and brown design colours.

Lever door handles are perfect for reinforced-plastic doors with profile depth of 70 mm or less. The internal fitting mechanism lets avoid drooping during operation and ensures aesthetic appearance upon installation.

The handle of this kind can be used to complement mortice sashlocks and installed on the right or left reinforced plastic door sash. Available in white and brown design colours.

Door hinges

Hinges are other important door hardware elements. Usually, it is the door handles that determine the door hinges style. Hinges also belong to the group of elements that ensure security. Thus, if hinges are fitted with an antitheft mechanism, the doors are virtually impossible to break when they are in the closed position.

Viknar’off company uses Viknar’off and Fapim door hinges.

Florence hinges enjoy wide popularity in the corresponding segment of the Ukrainian market. Florence is the only series in the Fapim SpA product range meant for use with PVC doors. When these hinges are used, the maximum weight of the construction is 120kg.

Door locks

A door lock is the foremost element ensuring the room security. Modern door locks are fitted with complicated closing combinations to prevent any break-ins. Vorne door locks (Germany) position themselves on the world market as high quality, reliable and crack-proof products available at the most acceptable price for the consumer. Vorne belongs to a narrow circle of companies manufacturing several series of cylinder door locks for narrow profile doors from 30 mm thick and more, made of reinforced plastic or aluminum.They are peculiar thanks to the possibility of being installed on the non-standard doors, like PVC glazed doors. They also have a series of locks for sliding doors. Vorne cylinder mortice locks with handle are available in two modifications – with or without the latch and have good burglar resistance characteristics. The locks from this series are perfect for house and office front doors as well as for rooms without the need for extra security.

Multipoint locks

Multipoint locks optimise the gasket pressure in 3-5 points, thus pro­viding enhanced door closing tight­ness and excludes warping and air blowing through the door. The working principle of multipoint locks is pretty simple yet very reliable. Turning the key blocks the bolt lock, while moving the door handle upward lets control all locking points simultaneously.