Laminated windows are actually PVC windows with the special film coating (laminate) of different colours. Modern laminated windows are high quality products that sustain their colour for years and require no regular painting and constant maintenance, like old-fashioned wooden windows do.

The most popular window laminate coatings are Golden oak, Mahogany and Dark oak. They look very true to life, as if made of genuine wood, and the coating clearly reflects the name of decor or the wood species.

For fans of high-tech style green, red, blue and other coatings are available.

PVC  windows can be laminated on the inside, outside or both sides, as required. Such windows are extremely durable, easy in maintenance and resistant to the household chemicals (except for powdery detergents).

Laminated PVC windows are wearproof and attractive looking. They add distinctive style and uniqueness to the house interior and exterior.

Laminate coating application to the window profile is done in our lamination workshop, fitted with the new equipment. Lamination is carried out using eco-friendly polyurethane glue and film coatings from the leading European manufacturers.